Civil Engineering Services

  • Land Development

  • Subdivisions

  • Site Development (Commercial, Educational, Industrial, Medical, Office, Residential, Mixed-use, etc.)

  • Road Design

  • Water System Designs

  • Water Treatment Design

  • Pumping Station Design

  • Septic Designs

  • Sewer Treatment Designs

  • Stormwater & Drainage Design

  • Grading & Earth Work Plans

  • Erosion Control Plans

  • Footing & Foundation Design

  • Retaining Wall Design

  • Bridge Design

  • Construction Certifications

  • Construction Inspections

  • Construction Management

  • Utility As-Built & Record Drawings

  • Drafting Services

Land Surveying Datebase
  • Consultation

  • ALTA Surveys

  • Boundary Surveys

  • Building Surveys

  • Land Surveys

  • Record Plats

  • Site Plans

  • Short Plats

  • Long Plats

  • Record of Surveys

  • Land Development

  • Residential Plot Plans

  • Site Development

  • Boundary Line Adjustments

  • Legal Descriptions

  • Easement Exhibits & Descriptions

  • Topographic Surveys

  • GPS Control Surveys

  • FEMA Elevation Flood Certificates

  • LOMA & LOMR (Letter of Map Revision) for floodplain analysis

  • Shoreline Surveys

Septic Design Services

Design septic systems:​

  • Conventional gravity systems,

  • Pressure systems,

  • Drip systems,

  • Sand lined systems,

  • Mound systems,

  • and more.


Site evaluation to determine required and proper setbacks and buffer areas
Test hole & soil analysis
Septic system operating instructions

Septic system inspections

Regulations for the design of onsite septic treatment and disposal systems in the state of Washington require the services of a Licensed Septic Designer or Professional Engineer. Ramer Engineering is well known with all of the local municipalities in this region and we are familiar with their requirements and procedures.


Additionally, we can provide identification of wetlands, streams, or shorelines which may affect the location and the use of a private septic system on your property.

Archived Records

Take advantage of our in-house records to locate Engineering & Surveying documents of the work we've done over the past 60 plus years in the Inland Northwest.

We have the ability to scan your large scale documents, and make prints of recorded surveys in Spokane County and most of Washington, saving you a trip to the County Court House.

Plan Room Services

Bring your construction plans in and we can provide you with large format scans and copies in various sizes.